Licorish and Friends Author

Lorna Gonella is a mother of children who have always loved books. From a very young age, books were read to them and, as they got older, began reading themselves. And though they are grown up now, a good story is always something loved and discussed and re-discussed by the whole family.


Lorna’s own life has always centered around the sea, growing up on the coast of New Guinea with her brothers and sisters and all their friends after her father sailed from Australia to establish a trade business.

So the love of stories, the love of the sea, friendships and her own boundless joy of colour. It was a natural step to create the loveable, colourful and adventurous characters Licorish and Ink in an ocean environment of rich colour and beauty.


“My stories are designed to delight the senses and simply invoke the joy of reading and sharing life with friends.”


“I love Licorish and enjoy seeing what he gets up to with Ink and the many friends they have under the sea.”

“There are many adventures to come and I hope children and parents alike enjoy them all.”


Lorna lives with her husband on the Redcliff Peninsular in South East Queensland.


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