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Licorish finds a wreck.
(Book 2) Licorish meets a friend.
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Licorish finds a wreck’ is the next story in a wonderful series about two friends who live in a beautiful coral world beneath the sea.


In finding a mysterious object lost long ago on the reef it’s also a chance to discover something about themselves.


In this story, we see how wonderful it is to share our world with our close friends and what happens when misunderstandings can lead to a sudden rise of emotions.


We see how Licorish and Ink sort out their problem and show that each of us has to be willing to accept responsibility in order to keep what is so important, our friendship.


Educational, instructional and showing children real-life situations they have to deal with, this is a wonderful follow-up to ‘Licorish meets a friend’.



Licorish meets a friend is a wonderful story of a developing friendship overcoming differences, set in a beautiful world beneath the sea.


The story reveals the wondrous world of sea-life, coral and ocean creatures, while exploring emotions and behaviours that will strike a chord with young children trying to make sense of their own world.


Educational, delightful and simply a fun story with characters that will endure.


This is the first in a series of adventures that involve the nautical duo of the deep and its many surprises.


The first and seconds book in the series of “Licorish and Friends” are now available on the Lulu book store and will also be available globally though other book services such as Amazon.


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